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Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the next generation Smartphone

It’s never too soon to get ready the rumour mill in terms of Smartphone; with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 already receiving the treatment a few months following company launched its current flagship model.


So we’ve got gathered up all the details on the Galaxy S8 we will and have compiled it into this comprehensive post making sure that our readers could possibly get all the details in one location. Do be aware that most of these data is just rumors, guesses, and speculation, and much more solid leaks and details arrive out after a while. We will keep updating this post whenever we get new information.

Furthermore, the growing rise in popularity of 4K video recording in phones means a possible desire to view said content on those phone screen in native resolution, whether or not the notion of distinguishing 4K UHD sharpness from Full HD in a tiny phone screen can be something that many readers might consider silly.

Samsung’s first foldable phone is “right throughout the corner” in accordance with Gregory Lee, President and CEO of Samsung Telecommunications America. Moving time for the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 Spec and hardware chops, there will be high odds of Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 SoC chipset integration which too means more evidence in support of 4K display, since Snapdragon 830 chip is created with this kind of technology under consideration, together with 4Kx2K video recording, increased clock speeds and LPDDR4X memory support.

Currently, although Smartphone feature 4K UHD video recording capacity, the one consumer market smartphone having an actual native 4K UHD display could be the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. No other brand has followed in Sony’s footsteps using own consumer turmoil a phone with anything all-around 4K resolution and area of the reason for this likely depends on the lack of content which could even be displayed on such a mobile phone. However, this may soon change as new wireless connectivity standards like 802.11ad WiGig also emerge. The WiGig ad standard, which can be rumored for being coming together with the iPhone 7 later in 2016, permits wireless transmission of 4K video clips from or to a cell phone and a local docked device as being a set-top box or 4K smart TV. WiGig features a range of no more than 4 meters, or 12 feet however it at least generates a viable ways of delivering 4K content right to a Smartphone using the correct display type. Note 6 Price will be bit cheaper than upcoming S8, so if you have budget problem then you can go with that,

Samsung’s new 4K BioBlue display technology has been leaked; in fact it is being asserted it will be found in the Galaxy S8. This new technology allows users to maintain their eyes fixed within the screen much more time without getting their eyes strained, because the amount of blue light emitted through the BioBlue screen is only 6% in comparison with AMOLED’s 32%. Also, Samsung will almost certainly use this 4K display inside the Galaxy S8 because 4K resolution can result in crisper VR experience.

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