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Promote Your Brand with Printed Power Banks

In a hyper connected world where people are constantly on their mobile phones and tablets, a fully charged device is not just a want it is an absolute necessity! Yet it is not always possible to charge your phone when on the go. This is where portable Power Banks comes into play!


What are Power Banks and how do they work?


Power banks are portable chargers that can be used to recharge devices like mobile phones when you don’t have access to chargers.

They feature a battery which can be charged beforehand at home or office, and later can be used as portable source of battery charge for your tablet or phone when you are travelling. Owing to their small and handy size, branded power banks can be conveniently carried around in a bag or a purse. Their easy usage and convenience has made them a favourite among the high flying lot who are always moving around.

Power Banks as promotional tools.

In today’s times printed powerbanks also serve as an awesome promotional tool to increase the recall value of a brand. With a wide variety available in the market, branded powerbanks can be customized to suit individual needs and requirements so that every time your recipient utilizes the printed power bank to charge their device, he/she is reminded of your brand!

So how does one brand a power bank?

How you put your logo on the power bank depends on its body. Power banks are one of the two types- either made of metal or a plastic body. Logos on plastic bodies are best printed, while power banks constructed out of metal can be branded by engraving them. Engraved logos are ideal as they last longer and do not rub off unlike printed power banks.

Other methods of branding power banks include- using a Dom, printing directly to the surface, enveloping the body with logo through the Panoprinting process and lastly getting a custom 3D PVC case made.  The cost of Printed Power Banks depends on quality, quantity and the type of branding you go for.

Lastly, how do you promote your brand through branded powerbanks?

The frequency of their usage and the penetration in the market has made Printed Power Banks one of the fastest selling promotional accessories in the United Kingdom. Perfect for corporate gifting, these Branded PowerBanks are an ideal way to remind your target audience about your brand every time they make use of it.

At Powebanks.uk, we specialize in creating customized printed power banks perfectly suited to your brand and audiences. Difference size, shapes and designs, enable us to provide you with just the right solution for your promotional needs!



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