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Popcorn Buzz allows group call with 200 friends for free

Line as launched a New App called “Popcorn Buzz”. Many of us know about Line, in that we can Send / Receive Messages, calls, Video calls, Recordings. Now in this new App we can make group calls upto 200 friends at the same time…

Now Popcorn Buzz is available only for Android, you can get it from the Play Store. The Voice quality of this App is far better than other Apps. This App is better than WhatsApp in Quality…

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Line Users can login with their existing Username and Password. If you Don’t have you have to Register. To make a Call simply send invites after creating a Unique URL. The URL can be shared by email, Message Or by any communication Apps. This is the method to make a Call…

Company Said that Popcorn Buzz Apple iOS App will be released soon and also they promised that they will add additional features like Group Video. Skype is the Competitor to the Line’s Popcorn Buzz

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Invite your friends & Enjoy… 🙂

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