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New iPhone 7 Concept Design

Apple’s next iPhone is called as “iPhone 7” and it will be released in September 2015. A well known German Designer Martin Hajek has released a collection of iPhone 7 concept images. Here is the list of features that iPhone 7 has…



Thinner & Bigger Screen
iPhone 7 will have larger screen than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. In order to achieve this, Martin Hajek suggest that Apple will integrate the Touch ID Sensor directly witin the display itself…

Dual lens Camera
Hajek envisions a new duel-lens camera system for the iPhone 7. Incorporating LinX’s technology, the iPhone 7 could take better photos in low-light conditions, reduce noise and lend it SLR-like capabilities.

Home button Removed
Apple is likely to achieve this by using Force Touch technology in the iPhone 7; a very likely possibility as suggested by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a note to investors.

More power
The next iteration of Apple iPhone 7 is likely to have a more powerful processor.

Curved Screen
iPhone 7 will be in curved shape. This will give phones a flexible touch-sensitive layers and flexible display cover layers.” This may point at a curved screen coming to future iPhones.                                                        


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