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Gmail Email Address Tricks…

Hello Friends!!!
Using Gmail for email Service???

Many of us use Gmail. Although Gmail allows users to sign up for multiple accounts, there’s an easier way to have several unique email addresses. By using special characters, such as a period or plus sign, you can modify your regular address, and Gmail will still recognize and deliver your email. It will Open Same account. This is a Simple Email address tricks..

Add one or more periods (“.”) within your address. These periods will be ignored by Gmail.

“t.r.i.c.k.z.2.k.n.o.w.13@gmail.com”, “t.r.ickz2know13@gmail.com”, “tric.k.z2know13@gmail.com”
If I login into my Gmail with this I will get the same mailbox of “trickz2know13@gmail.com”.
Which means Gmail does not count periods(“.”)…
Any mail that comes to any of
the Above emails will reach at “tricz2know13@gmail.com”. This can
be used to create multiple id’s on twitter, ibibo, etc with
the same Gmail Id’s…

Works With Twitter and ibibo. But with Facebook it does not works…

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