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Facebook Riff: Do we really need any other video app???

Hii friends, All of us know about Facebook which it is a Social Networking site. Facebook is used for Chatting, Meet New Peoples etc. It’s main use is we can learn many things. Facebook has many Social Networking Apps like Messenger, Instagram. Messenger is to chat with Friends in Facebook. In that we can send & receive messages.
Instagram is a popular site which is used to share Images. Now Facebook has launched a new Application related to it’s platform which is named as Riff. Riff is a Video Making App. Users can shoot short clips upto 20 Seconds. Riff is a part of Facebook Creative Labs Project…

Anyone can use Riff. Anyone can start by Creating a clip and the creator will get 3-2-1 Countdown to Approve for Posting. In this App you cannot able to Upload, Like or Comment. Once the Clip has been posted it will be sent to friends of friends. After that, their friends also add their 20 Seconds to the video. Likewise the Video will Spread. If the Creator Don’t need their friends clip in their Video they can delete the Clip…

Android Screenshot:

IPhone Screenshot: 


Now the Facebook Riff is only Available for Android and IOS. Riff is Compatible with Android 4.3 and iOS 8.0 and their latest Versions also. The App is compatible for 15 Languages. The App can be Downloaded from the Android Sore and the iOS App Store…

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