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App that will make your phone ring for Every hour

Hiii friends, Iam going to introduce a App that will make your phone Ring for every hour. This post is made due to the request of K Ravi Kumar Bond. Kindly if you want to know anyting about PC, Android. Kindly message us in our FB Page or in Google+

This App will help you because you Don’t need to take your phone out for seeing the time. I will list the two Apps that will Ring for every Hour. These two Apps are available in Google Play Store…

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1) Hourly Chime

2) Time Alarm    

Hourly Chime allows you to set the time intervals like 2 – 5 PM. You can set in silent mode or in Vibrate mode. You can also customize the Sound for ringing.

In the Time Alarm you can also use Custom Sounds and this has two option that you can make your phone ring for every 1 Hour or for every 5 Minutes…

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