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7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing VOIP Gateway

VoIP gateway has become increasingly important over the years. The basic concept of the gateway implies transferring the data traffic from telephone network to IP-based network. There is little point which you need to consider before choosing the perfect VoIP Gateway for your businesses. Keep reading to know about such factors.


The foremost thing you need to consider is the cost of the VoIP Gateway. The company sets up an individual budget for equipment depending on the concerned market. You need to consider the setting and maintenance charges. Different vendors offer different price range and therefore, it becomes important to focus on all the possibilities available in the market. Considering the cost of VoIP Bandwidth Optimization Software is an utmost requirement for the companies. Certain VoIP providers offer you feature automatically, while others may ask you to pick the features as the price assigned to each feature. Be clear on how much you can afford in a month before purchasing the VoIP Gateway. Further maintenance of the software is done by the vendor itself.

Internet Connection

The most important thing for VoIP Gateway is the internet connection. Since the gateway runs completely over the internet, it is essential that your company has enough bandwidth for the perfect calling. Before you purchase the new VoIP gateway, you need to ensure that the internet connection supports the new system. It is always better to discuss the gateway with the service providers. The audio codec given by the provider will determine the amount of bandwidth needed by the organization.

Chassis Size

For the hardware-based gateway, it is important to analyze the chassis size. Chassis is basically defined as the physical structure of a multi-component device. It is important for the company to analyze the chassis size as it indicates the packet processing capacity of the VoIP gateway. A low processing will result into low voice quality and reduced capacity. However if you are planning to buy software based gateway, you need to know about the processing capacity of the computer system. These little points make a large difference when it comes to purchasing the right VoIP gateway.

Present Hardware

Since the VoIP system runs completely over the internet, it is important to analyze its compatibility with the present software and hardware of the system. The installation may require new technology and equipment to be purchased. Therefore, analyze whether the VoIP gateway you are about to purchase will work in the office environment.

Hardware and Software Gateways

Another important thing to consider is to purchase either hardware or software VoIP gateways. It is generally said that the hardware gateway is more reliable and secure for usage. The hardware gateway works on their own processors without using the computing resources. The software VoIP gateway are less expensive, can be updated easily and you can upgrade it whenever there is a need. You need to decide between the flexible or reliable services.


Capacity is important to understand before purchasing the VoIP gateway. Capacity implies the number of VoIP calls that can be made simultaneously by the gateway without getting exhausted. It is important that the gateway should be able to cope up with the usual traffic of the internet network. Apart from this, it should also be able to accommodate the traffic expansions especially when the business is new and growing.

Signal Conversion

One of the essential functions of the VoIP gateway is to convert the signals from the public network into IP packets. Companies also look for SIM-based termination services for better outputs.

Next time, before purchasing the VoIP gateway, consider the above-mentioned points to get the best deals.


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