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Online Platform for Business Projects

When we work on a project, you need to make sure that everything falls at the right place. A small mistake can ruin your entire project. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or the last one. You need to be focused and work within a limited period of time. …

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Here’s how you can videofyyour organization

A business organization, irrespective of its size, needs proper coordination among its different departments in order to maximize its efficiency. Effective collaboration can help in detecting areas that require improvement and can help a company to boost its success in an otherwise competitive market. This is something that can be …

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Is your Contact Centre Working on the Wrong Technology?

In this dynamic business landscape, if you don’t meet customers’ expectations for an acceptable customer support experience, customers will turn to other counterparts before your IVR system say ‘press 9 to speak to one of our customer care representatives.This is becoming an increasingly important business aspect as many industries pivot …

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Why bloggers are important to Public Relations

They say bloggers have the coolest jobs. Getting to attend product launches, sit out front rows at fashion weeks, receive Jimmy Choo bags to review. Over the last few years, blogging has attained unmatched stardom and popularity with the most-viewed websites bagging millions of hits. Understandably, bloggers have become and …

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Holistic view of Data and Control over Cost Centers in a Supply Chain

Organizations constitute a complex web of customers, vendors, suppliers, distributors, and business partners. In an increasingly interconnected world,analyzing and utilizing supply chain relationships hold the key to success. With changing economic conditions, manufacturers are hit the hardest with fluctuating customer demands, cost of source products, and implications of offshore products. …

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FAQs About Collection Agency Bond

A collection agency is a company that is usually considered high risk in several ways. Since they collect debts, they often have negative reputations among the general public. Moreover, the company constantly handles sensitive information including the customer’s personal details and financial details because of which a collection agency bond …

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