Working of Home security system

It has been seen from the studies and census that the percentage of robberies has been declining through the years. However, these statistics are somewhat misleading; some studies have shown that the number of robberies and house breaks attempted every year has been increasing.

The same studies have also suggested that the majority of robberies and housebreak attempts are carried out in broad daylight. This is because most of the members of the family are out attending schools or office. This makes the breaker’s work all the more easy.

Home security system

Many societies and colonies arrange their own security guards and watchmen. Some of the households install home security measures like burglar alarm system india.  These household security setups are many times more effective in preventing robberies and house breaks, compared to the employment of watchmen and security guards because:

  • The home security systems are fixed devices that alarm the authorities when they are tempered with.
  • There is no possibility of bribery or negligence when machines are involved in the work.
  • Modern and sophisticated home security measures ensure a 100% security against house breaks.
  • The home security devices also work as a deterrent. Thus, they prevent thieves and robbers from trying to break into the house or property.
  • These systems are water proof, damage proof, theft proof, shock proof and wire proof.
  • These systems enable the owner of the property to monitor the complex, regardless of his current location.

It has been seen from interviewing a number of burglars that were caught by the police, that 90% of the burglars would not attempt to break into a household or an office that has some sort of home security installed.

What does home security do?

Installation of security systems provides the following benefits:

All round house security – If you have a household security system like intrusion alarm system india installed in your house, you reduce the possibility of a robbery or a house break by up to 90%. This allows you to have peace of mind and be carefree wherever you are.

Safety for offices and shops – The security system does not cost an earth to install and offer you total security for your office and shops. If you are shop owner, chances are that you keep all you stock inside the shop or store. If you are the manager of an office or franchise, you would keep all your important data and files locked in your office. Using a security system can enable you to monitor and safeguard these assets from any unwanted visitors.

The intrusion alarm system consists of a number of sensors. These sensors are systematically placed all around the house. These sensors are sensitive to quantities like, fire, smoke, noise, vibration, movement, shock and light. Whenever these sensors pick up presence of an intruder, they transfer the information to the control panel. The control panel is the heart of the alarm system and decides whether to raise the alarm or not. If the control panel is positive that the sensors have picked up an intruder, the alarms and sirens of the systems are raised.