Ways in Which a Dedicated Server Can Benefit Businesses

Choosing a dedicated server for your business may be a wise decision when your site is likely to need additional bandwidth or server space for handling large volumes of web traffic. The dedicated server refers to a type of web hosting in which an enterprise rents out an entire server exclusively for its use. Before choosing any kind of hosting plans, it is however necessary to evaluate their pros and cons, compare their features and prices. In an attempt to choose cheap dedicated server India plans, you should not settle for a provider that does not have a solid reputation of being reliable and efficient.


What benefits can a dedicated server offer?

  • When you choose dedicated server hosting, you can enjoy data accessibility at all times. Unlike in shared hosting where resources of the server are shared collectively by users and chances of resources like bandwidth being used up by others are very high, in dedicated hosting, users have complete control over resources and data privacy.
  • With dedicated hosting, you are given root access to the server; this implies that you can configure server settings to suit your business interests. You can also install applications and software of your choice; choose security or data protection measures of your preference without needing the host’s approval.
  • With dedicated server hosting, you not only get a high degree of flexibility and scalability allowing your business to grow steadily, you can also benefit from robust security provisions. Unlike in shared hosting, here the users do not have to share an IP address. Therefore, chances of your site getting blacklisted because of malicious activities performed by neighbors are eradicated. Moreover, these servers are stable and not prone to crashes due to the activities of other servers.
  • In dedicated hosting, you can enjoy a high network uptime of 99.9% because resources belonging to the server such as memory, processing power, disk space and bandwidth are under your control. So, you can avail of extra bandwidth or server space when the needs arise. You are free to run scripts and applications that may benefit your business goals.

Tips to Choose Dedicated Server Hosting Plans:

While it is a known fact that dedicated hosting is far more powerful compared to shared hosting plans or even VPS hosting plans, the choice of a provider could make or break your business. There are some important factors which you need to consider when choosing dedicated server hosting:

  • To begin with, you should take into account that the host offers you premium quality hardware and not obsolete, malfunctioning components. You should ideally choose web hosting services that offer enterprise-grade HDDs.
  • An important consideration when selecting dedicated server hosting plans is the degree of technical support you will be entitled to. The host should guarantee round-the-clock technical supports through phone calls, live chats and emails. Without solid technical support, your site cannot afford to function optimally and there will be frequent downtimes which may dissuade visitors. To ensure this, it may be a good idea to inquire about their response times before signing up. They should ideally have an active support team that will troubleshoot technical problems promptly instead of referring users to a FAQ page or a Wiki page for handling technical glitches.
  • Before choosing a provider for dedicated server hosting plans, you should also review their Service Level Agreements carefully to know about compensations that they will extend in case their uptime guarantees are not fulfilled.
  • The web host must also be willing to offer hardware replacement guarantees that data centers offer them. This will ensure that in case your hardware malfunctions or gets damaged, they will be replaced without delay. The cheaper providers typically do not have stringent clauses regarding hardware replacement; it is therefore wise to find out about their Service Level Agreements in advance.
  • When choosing a host, it is also important to find out if it supports different operating systems; you may want to choose either Windows or Linux dedicated servers depending on the nature of applications running on your website. They should also offer a user-friendly control panel such as Plesk or cPanel. This makes migration to other providers easy and hassle-free.

Using these criteria, you can identify quality web hosting service providers for your dedicated hosting plans. Finally, you must inquire about the uptime guarantee before signing up. Even with superior hardware, network connectivity may be affected because of frequent power outages. So, it is imperative that the data center is well-equipped to ensure uninterrupted power supplies.