iCloud Unlock By Official Guide For All iPhone Models For Free

Even though the iCloud Unlock provides you with the ultimate protection sometimes there is no need of it. So if you need to disable this feature but you do not know how I would provide you with the proper instructions on how to do the whole procedure all by yourself. The method which is used requires from the user to download the official iCloud Unlock tool. This tool can be found only on our website. It is available for free download and use it 100% safe.

The requirement from the user is to only know the IMEI code of the device which needs to be unlocked from iCloud. You can easily find this code by simply dialing the number *#06# or by going to Settings-General-About and scrolling down.

Bypass iCloud Lock

iCloud Unlock Software work for any iPhone’s

It does not matter which iPhone model you use because this iCloud Unlock tool is compatible with all. The unlock method is similar which the Apple stores use which is to Unlock the iCloud lock directly from the database of Apple. But the difference is that you will not be required to pay a single cent for this service and the iCloud Unlock delivery time will be very short.

How to Unlock iCloud locked iPhone?

To Unlock the iCloud lock from your device first of all you will have to start by downloading and installing the tool. After that make sure you connect your iPhone and computer using USB cable connection. The next step would be to select the model of your device and to Add the Unique IMEI code.

After the IMEI code is recognized and verified as valid the tool will connect to the database of Apple and will remove the locked iCloud account. After that you will be asked to create your new Apple ID and password. Once you get to this stage only one step will remain which is to activate the iPhone via iTunes. The iTunes activation is quite simple. Just get the latest iTunes version, launch it and first of all do Backup of your iPhone. Once the Backup is complete do Update. And after that Restore your iPhone.

As soon as the Restore process is complete your iCloud lock will be permanently unlocked and you will be able to start using your device without any problems. This is the safest and quickest solution for iCloud Unlock Lock. Download the tool now!!!