How To Take Perfect Photos With Your Smartphone

When smartphones were first introduced to the marketplace, they were one of the most highly anticipated advancements in cellular technology. Although camera phones had been available for quite some time, a smartphone gave you the ability to see a large visual representation of the image you were trying to capture before taking the picture.

This innovation prompted the development of additional features including larger image sizes, the ability to share photos instantly through social media, and even attach your photos to emails that could be sent out. However, taking pictures with a smartphone is a little different than using a regular digital camera, requiring a little bit of expertise and finesse on the part of the user. The following information will provide you with tips that you can use starting today that can help you take absolutely perfect photos with your smartphone.

Learn All Of The Settings

The first thing that you will want to do is practice using the camera on your smartphone just to get used to how it works. It is recommended that you try taking pictures in different lighting, and at different angles, just to see how they will turn out.

Although these cameras are point and shoot devices, making it very easy to take a picture within seconds, there are certain settings on these cameras that you should also experiment with. This includes adjusting the brightness, the resolution of the photos that you are taking, and all of the other settings including brightness that can be adjusted when you are taking your pictures. Once you have gone through all of the settings, you will then need to learn how to adjust your position when taking images to get the best possible shots.

Practice Using The Viewfinder

The next step of the process is to get used to placing everything within the viewfinder when you are taking the image. It takes a steady hand, and a proper angle, in order to get the shots that you want. What may look like a good image of a person, for instance, may actually end up being too small. You need to consider the distance that you are between the object you are taking a picture of, and to your position once you take the image, so that everything will be in proper proportion.

Finally, you can also utilize what is called the rule of thirds when you are taking pictures. Some cameras will actually place this tick tack toe nine block grid on the viewfinder so that you can properly center the target of your image. By making sure that the target is in the crosshairs of the intersecting lines, you will always end up with a much better image.

Start With People

Most of the images that are taken today, especially selfies, are always focused on people. Although it is typically only one person, you will more than likely take shots of two or more people, and this can get a little complicated. You want to make sure that the lighting is going to work for the picture you are taking, making sure that it enhances the picture, not making it to dark. Even if you are trying to capture the landscape of a beautiful area, such as during a hike with a friend or family member, always try to put them in the picture so that it is not only more memorable, but will also provide a sense of scale.

Using Photo Editing Tools

Some of the best pictures that are taken with smartphones are the result of editing that is done with applications that can be downloaded to these phones. Although Photoshop is a well-known software program, it is very difficult to use, something that you will not experience when using these downloadable apps. They are able to remove redeye, dim lighting, or the effects of an overexposure.

You can also change settings such as ambience, contrast, saturation, shadows, highlights and warmth. The more filters that you have available, the more impressive your image will look, allowing you to let you really look like a professional. Smartphones today typically take images that are 10 megapixels or more in size, giving you plenty of data to work with. Once you have taken several images, and modified them, you will understand what settings work the best. It is just one more reason that people are literally obsessed with using their smartphone to take pictures because it is so easy to create perfect photos using the many different photo enhancement applications that are available.

If you have not started taking pictures with your smartphone, it is something that you should certainly try. The cameras and video recorders that are built into smartphones do not have the same capabilities as an expensive digital camera, but they are getting better each and every year.

This is a great way for any amateur photographer to actually create what may look like professional photographs every single day. You can start today by downloading a couple photo editing tools to your phone, start taking pictures, and see how quickly you will become an expert at using your smartphone to take digital photographs.