How to Optimize Videos for a Smartphone without Losing Any Quality

More and more people nowadays like to have video content to watch on their smartphones because of how convenient and accessible it can be. Having instantaneous access to your favorite videos no matter where you are is definitely a plus point – but it does come with a downside as your smartphone’s storage space will quickly start to fill up as you transfer more and more videos onto it.



That is why it is important to optimize videos for your smartphone – but at the same time you won’t want to just ‘compress’ videos normally as that can result in a loss of quality. Instead, if you want to optimize videos without losing any quality, it is important to approach it methodically.

1. Identify the specifications of your smartphone

Different smartphones have different specifications in terms of the display resolution, frame rate, and bitrate that they’re able to utilize. The reason why you will need to identify the specifications of your smartphone is because if your video exceeds those then there is excess file size that can be optimized.

2. Adjust the video settings match the smartphone specifications

Once you’ve determined whether there’s excess file size in your videos, you can then adjust the video settings to match the specifications of the smartphone. For example if your smartphone can only support 720p video playback but your video is 1080p, then you should adjust it down to 720p instead.

3. Convert the video to use codecs with better compression

Some of the more modern codecs offer much better compression – chiefly H.264 and H.265. If your smartphone supports these codecs then you can convert your video to take advantage of them and compress it without losing any quality.

Of course to pull all this off you’ll need a way to convert and optimize videos, and Movavi Video Converter should be perfect in that regard. It is a lightweight and easy to use video converter that will let you convert WMV to MOV, AVI, MP4, VOB and numerous other formats.

More to the point, Movavi Video Converter will let you adjust the video settings and optimize your videos too. If you want you can do so manually, or you can use the presets available and get the software to optimize your video automatically for any device or platform.

With some of the other features of Movavi Video Converter you will even have other interesting options that you could choose to pursue. For example, if you are only interested in a small part of a much larger video – why not extract that part and save it as a short video clip. It isn’t hard to do – not with the tools that the software will place in your hands.