How to Enable Whatsapp Voice Calling on Android

Hiii, We all know about Whatsapp which it is a Social Networking App which is mainly used to interact with others, In Whatsapp we can Send/Receive Messages, Videos, Images and we can also record the voice and we can send. But Now it added a new feature which is Calling feature. And this Calling feature is most awaited features of Whatsapp. Now in this post I will explain how to install Calling feature for your phone. This trick works only in Android

How to Enable Whatsapp Voice Calling feature

Step 1: Download the latest Version of Whatsapp from Here

The latest version is 2.12.16

Step 2: Then Install the App in your phone and it will automatically Add the Calling Feature in your Android mobile

Step 3: Now, you need to go to your Contacts and find a friend who has enabled Calling feature, Then click on the Call button there. Simply tap on it and start making voice calls…

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