A Guide to Discarding Old Tech

It seems like every time you check the news, one of the biggest names in technology is releasing another device. Between Microsoft and Apple and the lesser-known manufacturers of gadgets, there’s always a new-fangled phone, computer, tablet, or smartwatch out here in Toronto. While some of these are cosmetic updates, most releases aim to make your life better. Faster computers with beefed out processors make for more productive work; user-friendly phones and tablets connect you to the world faster.Despite the damage it can do to your chequebook, it’s important to keep up to date with these latest innovations. Unfortunately, if you upgrade your gadgets regularly, you’re going to end up with a large collection of obsolete tech in your possession.


While it may be tempting to sell these older models for extra pocket money, it’s a bad idea. You can delete all of the files and browsing history saved on these devices, but there’s no fool-proof way to completely wipe this information clear off the motherboard. All it takes is someone who knows their way around a computer to retrieve anything you thought was deleted. That means old messages, photographs, cookies, files, saved passwords, and auto-fill information are fully intact when you hand it over to a new owner.

With enough time, a determined individual can unearth information saved on financial apps. It’s not as far-fetched as you think. In the US, over 17 million Americans were affected by identity theft, 66% of whom reported direct financial loss. In this case, we reflect our neighbours to the south, and identity theft is a rising (and expensive) problem in Toronto. Sort of defeats the purpose of selling your old tech, doesn’t it? When information on discarded hard drives is an easy target, making this information impossible to recover is a prudent decision for businesses and individuals alike.

If there’s no way to wipe electronics, then how are you expected to protect your information? You don’t have to stockpile your obsolete tech until you’ve run out of room in your home. There are electronic shredding companies Toronto businesses and individuals trust to irrevocably destroy their old hardware. While some shredding services can’t guarantee complete destruction, there are mobile shredders that provide just that. The uniformed and bonded personnel from Absolute Destruction will provide you with a guarantee that you old electronics can never be reclaimed. That’s because the electronic data destruction services from Aboslute Destruction use a highly efficient shredding process that incinerates computers, hard drives, CD-ROMs, and other gadgets.

Electronic data destruction can (and for your security should) constitute more than simply deleting or overwriting disc space. Only through the physical destruction provided by the best shredding company Toronto has to offer will you permanently demolish your confidential information. That way you can confidently upgrade every time a new innovation is released.