Duplicate Pictures Onedrive, Here is How they Can be Easily Removed

OneDrive is a Microsoft-owned cloud-based storage space that works similar to Google Drive and Dropbox. You have your own storage area in it, where you can store your photos and share them with others. By default, OneDrive syncs all photos you place in the OneDrive folder. That means a number of duplicates can occur. The more photos you upload the more duplicates occur.


OneDrive produces dupes because these sloppy criminals often leave behind by the original photos. And when you find two photos that look the same or are named the same, you have some major clues to work with. Unfortunately, Microsoft comes with no specific tool to remove duplicates from OneDrive.

You’ve to Try Clone Files Checker!

Why? It’s IBM approved. And the great thing is that it can help you remove all dupes from your OneDrive folder. Here’s how:

  • Visit your OneDrive library (https://onedrive.live.com). Click Photos.
  • Select all photos. Now click Download. Alternatively you can directly scan the Onedrive folders from your desktop. All you need to have is the Clone Files Checker (CFC) software installed on your computer. Using CFC Onedrive duplicate photo finder, you can command it to add folders for scanning of duplicate photos and files.
  • Downloaded? Now unzip it and extract all the contents.
  • Delete all your files from the Microsoft server.
  • Now move that downloaded folder in a single folder. Name it “Download Images.”
  • Now open CFC. Add Download Images. Select Custom and Hit Start Search
  • Here you go. When all’s done, you’ll have two options: Quick-Fix (here you can delete all duplicates found at once) or Review & Fix (if you want to delete them manually). CFC comes with a built-in automatic backup facility that saves you if you’ve accidentally hit Quick-Fix option.
  • Now you’re all set. Get rid of all sloppy criminals. Upload this folder to your OneDrive again.