How to unlock IMEI in mobile phones

The SIM IMEI unlock solution for your Cell phone is not impossible at all. And I am not talking about the automatic drop of the SIM lock once your contract with the mobile phone carrier has expired. Now you can make the time you spend with your Cell phone count by unlocking it much sooner. The SIM unlock solution is free and very simple to use. You might have to spend a half an hour in unlocking the Cell phone all in all, but what is that in comparison with all the savings that you will make once you manage to deactivate the SIM lock.

Do you still want to hear how to unlock your Cell phone mobile phone unit? Of course you do!

So, here goes:

In order to perform a stress-free, easy, cheap and efficient SIM unlock you need a specific tool. This tool will never be found in an ordinary toolbox because it is not a physical tool, but rather a software one. You should be definitely looking for the IMEI Unlock Tool when it comes to unlocking your cell phone device. The procedure is not long at all so you don’t have to worry about it. It might take you some time to perform the necessary preparations for the unlock, but those are just a few quick checks that you can easily make. While we are at the preparations, I would like to point out a few things that are advisable you did beforehand. While you do them you can click on the downloading link and wait for the IMEI Unlock Tool to download on your computer. That way you will save half the time. Before you start using the IMEI Unlock Tool you need to make sure that your Cell phone is truly unlocked. That is the first step to prepare. After you know that your Cell phone mobile phone is locked you need to find its IMEI code. This is a must, so don’t forget to do this before you start the unlock procedure with the free IMEI Unlock Tool. If you’re not the first owner or the Cell phone unit, then I don’t suppose you have or keep the packaging box. You need this box in order to see the IMEI code. However if you don’t keep it or have it, you can always find the IMEI using one of these strategies:

  • Dial *#60** from your locked Cell phone
  • Check out the settings entry and then hit the “about mobile phone” section.
  • Turn off your Cell phone and pull out the battery, check the white sticker with the IMEI printed on it.
  • Once you have the IMEI you can open the now downloaded IMEI Unlock Tool.
  • Enter the IMEI code, the country and the name of your carrier. Don’t forget to enter your email address as well.
  • Hit the option that says “generate”.
  • Your unlock code will be generated and sent to you via email message.

Use the code to permanently unlock your Cell phone cell phone device.