How to Convert PNG Images into JPG Images with Movavi Video Converter

Many people like to save their pictures in PNG because images saved in the format are higher in quality. If you don’t want your images to have big size, you should save them in JPG format. Because JPG files are smaller in size, it takes lesser time for them to upload online. The quality of JPG pictures are just the same as PNG pictures and no one will be able to notice the difference. JPG images are ideal to be used for saving your photos, artwork or banner that you have designed for your website.


Movavi Video Converter allows you to convert your images in batch to the most commonly supported format quickly. As a video converter, it supports a long list of video formats but it also support a small number of image and audio formats. Some of the image formats Movavi Video Converter support are JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF.
You should not be using online picture converter to convert your pictures because you are uploading the images to their server which gives chances for people to access your pictures. Sometimes, these sites will also install virus on your computer.
Converting your PNG to JPG format takes only 4 simple steps. You must first load the PNG images that you want to convert by clicking on the Add Media button. You can also drag multiple images that you want to convert into the area. The software will not crash even if you are dragging a large number of images at once.
Next, you must select the Images tab and click on JPEG. At the bottom, you will see a save to drop down menu which you can click and select the destination where the converted images will be saved. By default, the images that you convert will be saved in the Movavi Library folder. However, you can change this option by specifying your own folder.You can also set the software to over the existing image files with the converted files or save the image files beside the existing image files.
The last step is to click the Convert button and wait for the conversion progress bar reach up to 100%. When the progress bar reach 100%, the folder will automatically open for you to conveniently check and see if the images are converted properly. Normally, it will not take long for the images to be converted into the format you specified.
There is no limit as to how many images you can convert at one time. If you want to convert the whole folder of images, you just click on the Watch Folder button which will cause the Movavi Watch Folder dialog box to appear on the screen. You are to enter the original folder location in the input folder field and the destination folder location in the output folder field. You must choose the format that you want to convert into in the preset drop down menu. Finally, you must click on the Start button to begin the image conversion process.