Is your Contact Centre Working on the Wrong Technology?

In this dynamic business landscape, if you don’t meet customers’ expectations for an acceptable customer support experience, customers will turn to other counterparts before your IVR system say ‘press 9 to speak to one of our customer care representatives.This is becoming an increasingly important business aspect as many industries pivot to recurring revenue models and focusing majorly on building customer loyalty.

In the outsourcing call center industries, customer service is not a new concept or terminology, but it is a far more valuable thing to discuss for some reasons.

  1. Trends are slow to implement just because business recognizes the value in happy customers and knows it should provide amazing customer service, doesn’t mean that company knows how to make this a reality.
  2. Changing the way businesses think about service/support centres and their telephony system is the way to improve customer services.

In this guest blog post, you can see the four main points where you need to focus upon in order to improve the customer service and multiply the revenue streams.

Make self-service attractive: In the current times, most people prefers self-service option to handle tasks such as reporting an issue, transferring money and checking the status of an order. However, too much self-service can be harmful. For example- when a customer asks a question that isn’t expected, the value of a chat bot or self-service portal quickly runs down.This is why best outsourcing call centres allow customers to interact through their preferred communication channels including phone SMS, chat, video or web query form. Today, call centres are increasingly adopting Omani channel customer support to capture a holistic customer view across channels. Some businesses today have multi channel support, which is a good start although, but multi channel support can become siloed. This is because the telephone support team isn’t in great communication with the email support team, so customers may get a fully different experience. This can present a disjoint front to customer and might impact on customer relationship.

Make it easy to access right agent: In your life, you’ve probably had the experience of calling into a customer care department, providing information to an IVR system, then repeating the same problem again and again to different call centre executives. This is a very frustrated task to repeat the problems and not getting the appropriate solution. Putting an end to IVR through intelligent routing is the secret to enhance customer experience. Some call centre software uses routing APIs and integrations to perkup the functionality of existing systems and customer data within a business to predict the customer’s requirements. This allows call centre executives to route customers quickly to the right agent, but also with minimal information(or no information in most cases)from the customers themselves.

Deploy concierge service with optimum care:Don’t make it a difficult task for a customer to access a concierge service, like mandating customers to use a special phone number.Well, some best outsourced call centers over come this problem by deploying a call centre software that supports multiple integration to leverage the customer experience. This means that whenever your prestigious client calls on your customer support hotline, they are automatically routed to the right representative in the first go, without providing any special phone line.

Organist knowledge base: There is no denying the fact that well-organized knowledge bases are much more useful than the knowledge bases that are allowed to grow naturally, without any strategy. A call center software does not organise the knowledge base, but it can help in organizing out sourcing call centre resources efficiently through ring groups.Well, creating ring groups is the best way to optimist call routing and distribution. It allows call centre managers to easily apply unique tags to agents and phone numbers so that customers are routed to the agent who is most qualified and able to meet their needs.


The question is about whether your call center is dependent on the wrong technology instead of your service centreis dependent on technology. Increasing dependability on chat bots and other technology aspects that deviates your customer from the call centre reps is not the right the path to achieve success. So, choosing the right technology that doesn’t create any mess with your customer service delivery part is the wise decision to improve the customer experience.