How To Know Who Is Calling You Without Seeing Your Phone

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Many times you get disturbed when you are driving or very busy in some work when you get a call from someone but that call may be very important or personal. At that time you realize that there should be an app which can tell you about caller without bringing out your phone from your pocket. Don’t worry I have a solution below for this problem.

In this tutorial I will tell you that how can you find that who is calling you?

Friends, this is a very simple trick to find who is calling you?
This problem will be solved if you can change your smartphone ringtone for some particular contact numbers. You may want to change your ringtone to find if there is very personal contact.

Steps to do

1. Simply open your dialer app and select a contact( as shown below in image)

2.Then select that number and do click on default ringtone (as shown in second image)

3.Select your favorite ringtone.
Now you will be able to find that who is calling you? Because you have set a different ringtone for different persons.
Now, you have successfully changed the ringtone for a single contact.
You can change ringtones for multiple contacts using this trick.

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