Benefits of using a CDN

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A Content Delivery Network in short known as the CDN. A CDN is one of the things which speed up your site. CDN is one of the best ways to make your website load more faster.

What is a CDN?

CDN is a service which helps to load your contents like images, CSS files, Javascript and many more files faster. A Content Distribution Network is a globally distributed network of servers. The servers will be available in many countries. So whenever the users load the content it will connect to the nearest server. So it will display at a lightning speed.

Benefits of CDN

1) Performance

A CDN will distribute the loads, bandwidth and it boosts the performance of your site. If you use a CDN the webpage will load 2x faster.

2) Reliability

Whenever the user accesses the sites it automatically fetches the contents from the nearest server. The data centers are available in all over the world.

3) Saves money

A content delivery network saves lots of money. It reduces your existing hosting costs

4) Global Search

A Content Distribution Network provides contents through the cloud acceleration with the local PoPs.

5) 100% Available

If you use a CDN you don’t need to worry about the server down or server maintenance because whenever your server is down or under maintenance it will automatically connect to the nearest server. So this helps from losing the clients.

6) SEO Ranking

CDN also helps to increase your website ranking. Page ranking is very important when it comes to page ranking. Most of the search engines consider the load time of the site

7) DDoS protection

A CDN also helps to protect your data centers, servers from the DDoS attacks. So it will be helping your business to be in a “Safe and Secure manner”

Final Thoughts

We prefer you to use a Content Delivery Network. Here you can find the cheapest CDN please use CDN comparison by spacecdn

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