12 SEO tips that can be implemented for the website

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Once the appropriate SEO keywords are selected, some choices are to be made before writing the contents. The following is to be known before starting like:

  • What the site is all about?
  • Purpose of the site
  • How committed the entrepreneur is?

Important search engine optimization Bristol tips to know

The following basic tips can help to have the site optimized for the leading search engines.

  • Site is to be made about one thing: A primary topic is to be selected and an important step. It is crucial to delivering the message. Some keyword research is necessary.
  • Keywords to be mentioned at appropriate places: The “one thing” is to be included in the domain name, site title, tagline, description, blog categories, keywords, page content and page titles.
  • On the site, internal pages are to be linked: Automatic linking is carried out by several content management systems. If not, then linking the crucial pages directly from the home page and cross-link them with one another.
  • Use permalink structure with keywords: ‘Ugly’ permalink structures may be present in few sites which use numbers for identifying pages. It is to be avoided. Text included URL structure is to be used. Keywords are to be present within the URLs.
  • Stop site slow-down by eliminating unnecessary things: Page load time is significant. Hence, eliminate all non-essentials which might reduce site speed. It may include large images, music players, unnecessary plugins and flash graphics.
  • Images to have keywords: Words which reflect site topic in the image description, title, and alt attributes are to be included. File name to be re-titled if the main keywords are not properly reflected.
  • Use relevant content to have other sites linked: This can be achieved by including resources page, link list or blogroll on the website. However, it needs to be used sparingly, since every outbound link for the other site is a ‘vote’. If done perfectly and the link gets clicks, then the search engine finds it to be a trustworthy site for a specific topic.
  • Frequent update of the site: Higher ranks are enjoyed by sites having dynamic content when compared to static contents. Hence, directories and blogs perform well on the search engines. New content is to be used for updating them continuously.
  • Ensure search engines index the site: The content is found automatically and indexed by the search engines. The site is to be crawled by engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google to ensure that the site gets noticed.
  • Get the other sites to link to the site: It is something important, but cannot be controlled. Besides developing fabulous content, the person can simply ask. Guest posting on different blogs can work wonders. Inbound links are quite crucial to SEO.
  • Write like a human: Write creative contents that people will like.
  • Stop changing the domain name: URL age is definitely a factor in the site’s search ranking. Hence, be patient.

The entrepreneur is sure to notice great results by following the above SEO aspects and by selecting the best SEO company Bristol.


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