How to send WhatsApp messages without internet

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WhatsApp has been used by billions of people around the World. WhatsApp has recently launched a new update for iOS that makes changes on how the App functions. This new feature drive many iOS users mad.

When we are in a area which has no coverage or bad internet signal. The messages which you send will not be sent has there is bad connection.

Now everything has been changed in this latest update of WhatsApp on iOS devices. Now we can send messages even when you don’t have a internet connection.

This update queues up your messages sent while you don’t have a connection. When you reaches a signal it will automattically send the messages. This is same like emails and Messenger.

Send 30 messages at once

The whatsapp allows us to send only 10 images at once previously. In this new update for iOS users you can able to send 30 images at once. So we can easily send many images at once to friends and family

Clear Specific Chat data

In this update WhatsApp is also have changed that you can manage your chat datas. Previously the users can only able to see how much storage each chat has consumed

In this latest version, you can clear any unwanted chat usage so that you can get more storage by deleting. You can also delete be messages types like Videos from specific chats.

You can manage your storage by Clicking on Settings –> Data and Storage Usage –> Storage Usage

WhatsApp will stops working on some devices

The latest version 2.17.2 is now available for you to download from it’s store itunes. This update is only available for iPhone users who has running iOS7 or higher. This update is comes with major changes so you should not miss this new update

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