3 ways to destroy a LED bulb which don’t work

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Hit it

This may work with CFLs and incandescent bulbs as they have a fragile glass construction. Most of LED bulbs are made of polycarbonate or other shock-proof materials so you’ll need to apply some force to break it. This characteristic makes LED a good solution for kids’ rooms. They won’t hurt themselves when using it improperly. (It won’t also burn them or stuck in their mouth).

Burn it

If you can’t apply force you may apply power. Most of lighting technologies are not resistant to power surges. If it is substantial the lamp’s electronics will burn out. But most of LEDs don’t depend on power too much and can survive such assaults. Especially dimmable ones – they are optimized for a wide voltage range.

Tire it

Let it die a natural death: just use it till its lifespan is over. That may take a few decades so this option is only for persistent ones. And even after years of waiting you won’t see a dying scene. The lifespan on the bulb’s package is calculated according to L70 standard. It is defined as the time needed until the lamp’s light output reaches 70% of the initial output. LEDs don’t burn out with time. They only become dimmer. You may even use the lamp after its rated lifetime is over watching it getting dimmer. But you are risking to get dimmer first.

So now you know 3 ways to break a LED bulb which don’t work. Use them wisely: don’t even try. LED a really reliable and firm technology. So better use its advantages to lighten your house bright and safe.

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