Some useful Information about MEMORY CARD???

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A memory card can be used to save the Data’s and it is available in sizes 4,8,16,32,64 GB memory card, it is only we who know about the issue. Right???

So why the prize of a 4GB memory card is differ from the manufactures???Now we are in the digital world so we should know the fact that why the prize differs from manufacture of the same size…

The thing we should note in memory card while buying is under the name of the manufacturer company there will be numbers like 4,6,8,10 with a circle around the number. This is the main cause of the prize differences. Many of us did not know this fact.

The circled number indicates the transfer speed of the memory card. If the number 4 is written in the circle, the file transfer speed will be 4MB per second, which is equipped with

Class 6   – 6MB per second
Class 8   – 8MB per second
Class 10 – 10MB per second transfer speeds of data’s…

The price is determined by this only. Many
of the sellers did not know this…

By Sharing, many people will know about this fact…

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